Great Odyssey

Fine Arts

Original Art, Diverse Subjects

Great Odyssey Fine Arts

Leslie Sorg Ramsay

Prescott, Arizona

The Great Odyssey of my life has inspired the joy and diversity of my art.  What has been your life journey?  Please pause and think about this.

My odyssey has had many highs and lows.  Fortunately, I've embraced it.  I also loved diversity and texture before I knew the definition of the words.  From my earliest years having friends from multiple cliques not one, I've continued to gravitate towards people from all cultures, backgrounds, professions and life styles.

With so many diverse experiences, my paintings have many subjects.  Also, I'm constantly learning and tackling new styles.

Art has always been part of my soul.  So after decades in non-arts roles in national and international communications, marketing and business development, I began actively painting and exhibiting in 2006.

2-D Art - Oil painting is my preferred medium and I also work with acrylic paints, mixed media and watercolors.  My paintings have won numerous Awards of Excellence since 2008 and a Best in Show in 2020.

3-D Art - Since moving to Prescott, Arizona, in 2016, I began creating more 3-D artworks, from theater props to metal sculptures.  My artworks have been juried into multiple exhibits.  My metal sculpture, Princess & The Pea, was awarded Best in Show in 2020.

My images often provide respite, a smile, or inspiration for the viewers’ thoughts and meditation.

I prefer that my art serve as an oasis for viewers, more uplifting than negative.

Since creating has no limits, future paintings may contain outer world visions or images that reflect human dysfunctions or challenging situations.  Yet, I am more likely to create art that heals or overcomes negative influences.

Leslie's odyssey and growth continued...observations by Mystic Muse...

Leslie has travelled extensively and experienced broad exposure to people and diverse situations.  Her odyssey in life has been to explore, challenge and overcome psychological barriers.  She has had plenty of physical adventures, but overcoming life's adversities and natural fears is what has motivated her to take more risks and strengthen her.

At the heart of her explorations is becoming focused and centered.  So her images often show tranquil landscapes, people in thought, or animals resting or playing.  Leslie includes nature, water and animals, since they are a natural antidote to stress.

Leslie's metal sculptures present positive, restful or contemplative scenes or feelings.  Her abstract sculptures often have curves to represent playful or graceful movement.

Since original art is created from the soul, not only the mind, Leslie always allows life to expand her vision as she studies and grows technically in the visual arts.


Great Odyssey Fine Arts